5 ways to help you avoid a phishing scam

Oh yeah, did I mention that we would tell you about important and informative IT stuff  that can help you?

5 Ways to help you avoid a phishing attack …Click to Download


Cybercrime is estimated to cost businesses $6 Trillion worldwide by 2021!

You may ask yourself hows that going to affect you? These encryption attacks, cyber crimes and phishing scams are getting closer and closer to home every day.

Just last week we heard from a client that they deposited $7500.00 as a deposit for work to be done into their clients bank. They had been notified on a letter head and via email that their clients bank details had been changed (looked absolutely authentic as they had access to the real email account) and the deposit money went into the criminals bank account.

Download 5 ways to help you avoid a phishing attack/scam:

Graphically shows you what to look out for and distribute this amongst your team
Do not become a casualty

Some of the services we can offer that can mitigate your risk are.

Daily managed backups – set and forget enterprise grade incremental backup.
Two Factor authentication platform
Password management systems.